9 Natural Tips That Help Your Hair Growth Faster

Tips That Help Your Hair Growth Faster

Have you always dreamed of having long and thick hair? Unfortunately hair only grows (on an average) about half an inch in a month. So to get the lengthy tresses will take time. But you want to speed up the process. How to do it? If you only could know the right methods!! In this article you will find a complete guide to learn all about the natural ways to make your hair grow faster and longer.

Tips That Help Your Hair Growth Faster

The rate at which your hair grows is genetic and it normally grows at around a quarter to a half an inch every month.If you want long and luscious locks of hair, then read these ten tips on how to make your hair grow longer, faster and more beautiful

However, natural hair growth tips and methods are always the best in this regard when it comes to how to make hair grow faster. To guide you through fast hair growth, here are easy ways to make hair growth faster which you must try if you want to save money on professional consultancy and expensive medications.

1. Healthy Fats:

healthy fats

They’re not just good for your heart, they’re good for your metabolism, digestion, skin and hair, too. Omega-3s (found in flax seeds, chia seeds, fish and fish oil, walnuts and basil) are especially good for keeping your hair strong, shiny and growing

2. Consume More Iron and Zinc:

iron zync foods

The best and most vital hair growth tips regarding iron are green vegetables and red meat. Iron and Zinc are both essential in almost any condition regarding how to make hair grow faster. Zinc follows in line, as it is also required by hair follicles because it keeps the oil glands which surround the follicles in good shape. Chocolate still remains to be the densest source of zinc so far! Some of the green vegetables which can be eaten for this regard are as follows,

  • Collard greens
  • Lettuce leaves.
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