8 Effective Exercises to Get Rid of Fat Between Thighs

Exercises to Get Rid of Fat Between Thighs

A common trouble spot on your Fat Between Thighs muscles can be difficult to target and slim down through standard exercises. While you can target your Fat Between Thighs muscles through exercise, how much you can change your thigh size depends on a range of other factors, including diet and genetics; your thighs may simply be larger because you inherited them. You also cannot spot reduce any one area. In order to lose weight in your thighs, you need to lose weight overall, although Fat Between Thighs exercises can tone your muscles, giving your legs a firmer appearance.

Exercises to Get Rid of Fat Between Thighs

Your inner thighs help to stabilize your hips when you move or walk, helping you balance your lower body. If you lead a sedentary life or work at a desk job, your inner thighs can quickly become flabby.

1. Scissor Legs Plank:

Scissor Legs Plank1

This is a great exercise for working a lot of different muscle groups, like your core, arms, glutes and chest. While giving the inner-thighs a particularly tough workout.

How to Do:

  • You need a smooth surface and a couple of towels for this exercise.
  • Begin by assuming the plank position, and put a folded towel under each foot.
  • Keeping your upper body stable, slide your feet outwards as far as you can comfortably slide.
  • Then return to the starting position by using your inner-thigh muscles to bring your legs back together.
  • It’s a lot harder than it sounds, but really punishes those thigh muscles. 2-3 sets of 15 reps will really test your conditioning.

2. Side and Cross-Over Lunges:

Side and cross-over lunges2

This exercise will help you to tone your inner thighs as it hits them from different directions.

How to Do:

  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take your left foot making a wide side-step.
  • Bend your right knee so you push your hips behind you when you are stepping aside.
  • Your right leg remains extended as you move your body weight on your left side.
  • Touch the ground with your finger tips so your arms on either side of the left foot.
  • Return to standing position. Perform 1 set for each leg, 10-15 repetitions.
  • For the classic lunges, stand with your right leg forward and left leg back.
  • Then slowly bend the knees until both legs are nearly at right angles. Then push back up to starting position.
  • Remember to keep your back straight and don’t let your knees extend over your toes. Perform 1 set for each leg, 10-15 repetitions.
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